Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before You Introduce Credit Card Settlement Service To Your Business…

Q. We are actually in a hurry
A. For Internet terminal settlement plan & Website settlement plan, it will take only 24 hours to complete registration on the web.If CAT terminal system is selected, our representative will provide detailed information by mail, the whole process will be 3-5 weeks upon collection of all necessary documents without any deficiency. (Due to the screening and arranging the terminal company, even if you ask another provider, it will take time as well.)
It is possible to apply for both the regular CAT compliance plan & the SPEED plan without incurring additional charge, so it is a way to quickly introduce credit card payment options to your business by using the SPEED plan to get approved quickly, and to change to regular CAT terminal settlement plan when compliance check for that plan had passed, or to use both plans at the same time to make available the credit card payment settlement system as the earliest time possible.
Q. We are using settlement system from another provider…
A. Even if you are already using a credit card payment service by another company, you can switch or use both services together. There are no introduction costs and maintenance costs, so please feel free to try our payment system. Once you feel convenient and profitable, you can use it in full swing. Please try our payment system once.
Q. Can I still apply if I have failed compliance check from another provider?
A. Even if you have been rejected by another provider, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.
Although it is true that other providers deny potential users of use on their credit payment settlement systems based on types or size of business, J Style Credit, with its own settlement line, can maintain a 98.7 registration acceptance rate. In addition, even if passing compliance check was not a problem, there will be transaction fees and monthly usage charges that will increase your costs. J Style Credit, compared to other providers, do not charge any installation or maintenance cost, so you can definitely feel profitable.
Q. I am a sole proprietor, can I apply?
A. J Style Credit is available to both Personal and Corporation businesses. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation even BEFORE you open shop.
Q. Please tell me the payment settlement brands (providers) you offer.
A. We accept applications for payment processing via VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners, and Multiple types of electronic payments, Union Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.
*VISA, MasterCard, and JCB payment settlement are included as basic services, it is on each credit, or electronic payment operator’s approval if you prefer to add any other payment method in addition to the three that was mentioned in the beginning of this passage.

Questions about Fees and Usage charges

Q. Please tell me about the settlement fees.
A. We are able to offer a low settlement fee because we have a settlement network that no other providers have. (Conditions differ based on service industry type and scale of business. Please contact your representative for details.) Of course, no matter how often you use our system, you will only be charged a settlement fee for each transaction. We do not incur any monthly usage charge or installation fee, which are expected with other providers. Please feel free to integrate our service into your business even if you have been rejected by another provider, or you are currently using another provider whose service condition are bad for you.
Q. Are there any initial charges, or installation fee?
A. We do not charge any initial fee, we do not require any deposit, or guarantee. We also do not charge any card machine/terminal usage fee. It is free to use the system. You really can start offering credit card payments as an option to your customer with no risk.
Q. Is there a monthly maintenance cost even if I don’t use the service?
A. Please feel free to start using our service since there is no fee to start using our service. There will only be a payment settlement fee when a sale has occurred.If there is no sale, meaning the terminal isn’t used, then there will not be any fee incurred.

Questions Regarding To Usage Services

Q. Is there a payment limit?
A. There is no payment limit. No matter whether the amount was 10,000 yen or 100,000,000 yen, the payment will go made through our system.
*The maximum amount that can be accepted for the transaction depends upon the credit balance of the credit card used:
For example:
:When the credit limit is 500,000 yen, customer already used 100,000 yen for the current billing period. Then a transaction of up to 400,000 yen can be made.
:It is impossible to make a transaction for 1 million yen when the credit limit is only 500,000 yen.
:It is, of course, possible to sell 100,000 yen worth of service to 100 people, and collect a total sum of 10 million yen for the month.
Q. Is it true that anybody can use the payment terminal and the system?
A. The system is easy to use even to employees who are not familiar with the system, and may not be technically inclined to operate.
Q. Are continuous charge, or settlement by installments, possible?
A. It is a basic free service to either collect one-time payments, or to collect monthly payments for places like schools. Continuous payments are either payments that can be charged once in a set period of time endlessly, or specifying a certain number of payments are possible, it is also easy to request termination of continuous payment. Also, it is possible to split a large purchase into installments for customers who find making such payments difficult in one go.
※Use of installment payments is subjected to approval.
Q. Is it possible to settle payments on the website?
A. It is possible. If your business does not have a website, it is possible to link the payment website onto your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. There is no need to integrate another specialised card system, and payments can be processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week too customers from across the country. You can also offer additional items and promotions online instead of at the storefront. Some examples are Home page discount, school dues, and coupons (and others cash vouchers).
Q. Please tell me about your payment cycle.
A. Your sales will be paid to your account every 10 days, 3 times a month, which will stabilise your cash flow.
Q. Can you provide payment, customer info for transaction, detailed statements etc?
A. You can review all of these documents at the management interface.

Questions Related To Registration And Starting To Use The System

Q. Is it compatible all over the country?
A. The system can be used anywhere in the country.
Q. Please tell me more details regarding the application and the compliance check processes.
A. For Internet terminal settlement plan & Website settlement plan, it will take only 24 hours to complete registration on the web. If CAT terminal plan and inbound plan are selected, our representative will provide detailed information to guide you through the process, and will send necessary documents by mail. Please complete these documents and return them to us. Please feel free to use and fill in the form in the bottom of this page, or contact us directly by telephone. Our representatives will be in contact with you to start the application process.