Search by Purpose

We would like to use Business to Business payments

Liberated from fee collecting business of BtoB transaction, great cost reduction!

Even if there are a large number of business partners, it is possible to conveniently manage and collective billing on the web. Also, no initial fee or monthly fee will be charged. The settlement fee is only 2.5%.

Big merits for service users

Centralised management from issuing invoice to issuing receipts.
No more need for the time consuming task to send out invoice manually.
Settlement status confirmation functionality available, it’s convenient!
Payment status can be quickly checked by email and web.
Management of card information unnecessary!
There is no necessity to manage information such as card number.
Improve billing operation and cut cost!
business will save cost by improving efficiency in their operation.

Great merits for buyers

Paying by card is convenient!
Pay anytime with only a VISA card. There is no need to go to the bank for transfer.
You can use any VISA card!
As long as you have a VISA card, it is possible to use the card regardless of the issuing organisation.
Compatible with smartphones and mobile phones!
Not only with computers, the system is also compatible with smartphones and mobile phones, you can pay or confirm payments even when outside.
Easy to integrate!
System that is usable from a web browser, no unnecessary cost applied, easy integration possible. It is possible to use the computers you have been using.