Payment Settling Methods

CAT terminal for retail stores

Credit Card Payments By CAT terminals for shops

The most common stationary type of Credit Authorization Terminals (CAT), the machine that is most commonly seen in retail stores. Customers can securely conduct their credit card transaction through this exclusive terminal device.
The credit card payment terminals J Style Credit uses are newest models from major manufacturers such as SONY, Toshiba, Panasonic, or Seiko. The terminals are equipped with touch screens, and are extremely easy to operate credit card transactions for new workers who started their jobs on the day, or elderly part-timers without user manual.

Various Payment Plans

When you wish to “have no installation charge to introduce a credit card payment system”, or “to reduce my monthly expenses” etc., we can offer various plans to suit your needs and concerns.

It is possible to introduce and start using your credit card payment system earliest

J Style Credit will not let you wait for starting to use our service. The compliance check is completed at the shortest, and credit card settlement can be used immediately.

This payment plan is recommended for the following businesses

Retail Store / Eatery
Salon / Beauty Salon
Hospital / Clinic
Hotel / Inn

Other products and services sold at stores

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