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Speedy review!

For Internet terminal settlement plan & Website settlement plan, you can complete registration anytime on the web.
If CAT terminal system is selected, our representative will provide detailed information by mail, the whole process will be 3-5 weeks upon collection of all necessary documents without any deficiency. (Due to the screening and arranging the terminal company, even if you ask another provider, it will take time as well.)

2 types of compliance checks! possible to apply for both at the same time with no cost!

It is possible to apply for both the regular CAT compliance plan & the SPEED plan without incurring additional charge, so it is a way to quickly introduce credit card payment options to your business by using the SPEED plan to get approved quickly, and to change to regular CAT terminal settlement plan when compliance check for that plan had passed, or to use both plans at the same time to make available the credit card payment settlement system as the earliest time possible.