Professional Occupation

Payment settlement service for Professional Occupation

Credit Card payment settlement service for Professional Occupation

For professionals , there is the necessity to have a system automatically collect monthly dues. There are a lot of occasions with the need to collect one-off payments such as handling fee or consultation fees, there are also cases where payments will be made directly at the office or on the company’s website.
With JStyle Credit, only one application is necessary for all services, there will be no need to apply and pay for starting each individual service. The only charge that will increase will only be the settlement handling fee. In addition, there will be no monthly fee or usage fee, we will also help your business negotiate the lowest handling rate possible!

Various Payment Plans

When you wish to “have no installation charge to introduce a credit card payment system”, or “to reduce my monthly expenses” etc., we can offer various plans to suit your needs and concerns.

It is possible to introduce and start using your credit card payment system earliest

J Style Credit will not let you wait for starting to use our service. The compliance check is completed at the shortest, and credit card settlement can be used immediately.

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