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We would like to review the payment solution in contract by another provider

No monthly charge! handling fees are also good deal!

We do not impose monthly usage charge, which is normally charged with other providers. Also, our settlement charges are 0.2 - 4.0% max lower than that of what other providers are offering. As it will not add to your costs, you can use it concurrently with your current contracted service.

We offer the newest models payment terminal!

There is no merit in using old settlement terminals since they are hard to operate, slow in processing times, which will make customers wait. The credit card payment terminals J Style Credit uses are newest models from major manufacturers such as SONY, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, or SEIKO. The terminals are equipped with touch screens, and are extremely easy to operate credit card transactions for new workers who started their jobs on the day, or elderly part-timers without user manual.