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I have failed compliance check from another provider ...

High chance of compliance approval!

Although it is true that other providers deny potential users of use on their credit payment settlement systems based on types or size of business, J Style Credit, with its own settlement line, can maintain a 98.7 registration acceptance rate. In addition, even if passing compliance check was not a problem , there will be transaction fees and monthly usage charges that will increase your costs. J Style Credit, compared to other providers, do not charge any installation or maintenance cost, so you can definitely feel profitable.
※We will of course decline service to businesses whose contents violate the laws regarding fraud, or are contrary to public order and morality.

Sole proprietors are welcome!

Especially for a sole proprietor, it is difficult to get approval on screening and in may cases, it was necessary to prepare a deposit etc. to use credit card settlement system. However, as well as a corporate, it is possible to subscribe for a private business owner without special conditions.
In case of CAT terminal settlement plan, the approval screening rate is about 50% if it meets the condition. However, in the case of internet terminal settlement plan, it is high approval screening rate of 98% so it is possible to use the service and you do not have to worry that you might not able to use the service although you have applied for it.