Special Businesses

Payment settlement service for Special Businesses

Credit Card payment settlement service for Special Businesses

It is a recommended settlement plan for those who offer "service-provided type of service" that what you offer is not a product and the service content itself is the product. If the service content (technique etc.) itself is a product, there will be no grounds for the offer price or because there were many troubles such as refunds in the past, it will be the content of the service which is usually difficult to pass through the screening. There are many cases in which the application condition is bad even though it passes.
However, with J Style Credit, even those in this type of business have their own payment line so that credit card settlement service can be used. we will arrange specially for for those who offer the above service to pass the screening. It is possible to settle in various combinations according to your company's merchandise menu, such as once-charged usage based billing, initial application + subscription billing of monthly fixed amounts.

Various Payment Plans

When you wish to “have no installation charge to introduce a credit card payment system”, or “to reduce my monthly expenses” etc., we can offer various plans to suit your needs and concerns.

It is possible to introduce and start using your credit card payment system earliest

J Style Credit will not let you wait for starting to use our service. The compliance check is completed at the shortest, and credit card settlement can be used immediately.

Payment Settlement service recommended for Special Businesses

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  1. Special Businesses

  2. Special Businesses

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