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Credit Card payment settlement service for Rental Space Business

When credit card payment is introduced in the rental space, a mobile settlement terminal capable of credit settlement in multiple places is mandatory. However, with old terminals, there is nothing good that processing speed is slow or operation is difficult. It seems that there are many cases where employees failed the payment settlement due to difficulties in operation, resulting in inconvenience to the customers.
In addition, due to the recent expansion of the internet, there are many reservations from own company's website. In that case, an Internet payment system linked with the reservation system is essential. This is because the cancellation rate will be greatly reduced. Especially by utilizing the company's online exclusive offer (discount etc.), customers make a payment at the time of reservation, and save money eventually. Owners are pleased by making sales earlier.

Various Payment Plans

When you wish to “have no installation charge to introduce a credit card payment system”, or “to reduce my monthly expenses” etc., we can offer various plans to suit your needs and concerns.

It is possible to introduce and start using your credit card payment system earliest

J Style Credit will not let you wait for starting to use our service. The compliance check is completed at the shortest, and credit card settlement can be used immediately.

Payment Settle service recommended for Rental Space Operators

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