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Payment settle service for Schools / Real Estates

Credit Card payment settlement service for Schools / Real Estates

When you introduce credit card settlement in school or real estate industry, monthly billing system which can collect monthly fee and rent automatically is essential. Also, there are many scenes where you can use direct non-face-to-face settlement from your company's website. In that case, Internet payment system linked with HP is necessary. Both usage based billing system and subscription billing system (automatic billing) can be activated simultaneously with a single application, and no optional fee etc. will occur. Please actively use the system for collection of monthly fees etc, and marketing such as monthly charges or free trial.

Various Payment Plans

When you wish to “have no installation charge to introduce a credit card payment system”, or “to reduce my monthly expenses” etc., we can offer various plans to suit your needs and concerns.

It is possible to introduce and start using your credit card payment system earliest

J Style Credit will not let you wait for starting to use our service. The compliance check is completed at the shortest, and credit card settlement can be used immediately.

Payment services recommended for School / Real estate business

CAT terminal for retail stores
Portable CAT Terminal
Internet payment system
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