Payment service suitable for Payments between businesses

Credit card payment settlement service for Payments between Businesses

It is a recommended plan for those who mainly use business-to-business settlement with corporations and individual business owner. It is cheaper than regular settlement with a settlement fee of 2.5%, and even those who are dealing with not only the fixed monthly fee collection like monthly fee like continuing billing but also transactions where the amount charged is changed every time due to parts wholesale etc. Even if there are more than 100 business partners, we can provide you with an epochal system that can easily issue invoices at once from the administration screen, and will be released from every trouble of collecting money.

No installation or monthly charge

It is possible to use only the settlement fee from sales!

Handling charge 2.5% ~

Possible to have a handling charge that trumps other providers.

Businesses recommended for this settlement plan

Wholesale business
(Beauty/Apparel/Parts etc)
Consultation fee
(Tax/Legal etc)
Fees related to Web
(Server/Maintenance/ Monthly fee etc)

Image of BtoB payment system usage

Image of BtoB payment system usage
Image of BtoB payment system usage

What is Visa Business Pay?

All payment requests/ payments can be made on the web, it’s a revolutionary system exclusively used for B2B payments utilising VISA card payment mechanism. It makes your business smarter while reducing extra work and costs. You are able to use this system even with your existing computer, it is really easy to start using this system.

【Visa Business Pay】Birth
【Visa Business Pay】Tutorial

Great Advantages of Franchisees

1. Smart bill

Unified management from invoice creation to issue of receipt!

It took time to print the invoice and ship it in an envelope.

It takes time to issue invoices.

Just create an invoice on the Visa Business Pay screen and click on the invoice issue button. Invoice mail will be sent automatically to the buyer. Of course it is also possible to issue a receipt.

No more dispatch work of time-consuming invoice.

2. Speed Confirmation

Confirmation function of the settlement status is useful!

It took a long time to verify the deposit data to the bank account and billing data.

Being chased by checking work.

When the buyer settles with Visa Business Pay, the settlement completion mail will automatically arrive. You can also grasp the outstanding status in real time.

Payment status can be quickly checked by e-mail and web.

3. Security

Unnecessary to manage card information!

Because the card number and buyer’s information are managed by the in-house server, there was a leakage risk.

Increasing ID and password management.

With individual ID information, you can proceed with the transaction with the buyer, so you are free from the risk of managing your card number and password.

It is not necessary to manage security information of the card number.

4. Cost reduction

Cost reduction by efficiency of billing operation!

The invoice issuance work was charged with the cost of invoice papers, printing fees and postal charges.

It takes effort to claim.

All billing work can be done easily on the web, so we realize more efficient work and less paper. You can greatly reduce wasteful costs.

business will save cost by improving efficiency in their operation.

Great Advantagesof buyers

1. Can pay by card, it is convenient!

In order to transfer funds, we had to go to the bank.

You can pay 24 hours 365 days at any time with Visa card. It is unnecessary to go to the bank for transfer.

2. All Visa cards are available!

It was troublesome to pay by cash or bank transfer.

Any Visa card can be used regardless of issuing company. In addition, with Visa business card, you can streamline accounting and improve its efficiency.

3. We also support smartphones and mobile phones!

The settlement system only supports personal computers.

It supports not only personal computers but also smartphones and mobile phones, so you can pay and check while you’re out. It is also possible to read the QR code of the invoice and make a payment.

4. Easy introduction!

Initial introduction takes time and effort.

Since it is a system using a Web browser, it can be introduced easily without wasteful cost. You can use your computer for this system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. About compliance check and usage start time
A. Conditions can be changed slightly depending on the business type of the applicant or its usage, so we will inform you of the details at the time of proposal. We will support you to proceed smoothly to start the integration at the shortest.
Q. Please tell me about the settlement fee.
A. We do not charge any monthly usage fee or installation fee, which are expected with other providers.
Q. Please tell me the fee other than the settlement fee.
A. There is no initial cost or monthly usage fee.
Q. Please tell me the advantages to apply for J Style Credit.
A. There are two merits to apply from us: The use of the BtoB intercompany settlement system requires a franchise agreement with VISA, but there will be no troublesome procedures when applying through the J Style Credit, even for relatively small business owners applying via J Style Credit The flow to review and start using will be smooth. In addition, it is very profitable because you can use it with only 2.5% settlement fee by applying from J Style Credit.
Q. Please tell me about the settlement method.
A. Please see above image animation for details. Although we are sending the detailed manuals after completing the application, the usage method itself is pretty simple.
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