Integration Support

Processes Before Start Of Service

Information Request
Please go to the bottom of the page and click on “Information Request” to proceed. A representative will be in touch shortly. We will suggest a payment settlement solution plan that is suitable for your business before you get started with us.

Communication from J Style Credit
Our representative will be in contact with you.
We will contact you according to the details you have provided in the form, and will offer a recommended plan upon hearing your needs. We will also inform you in details the processes for application and requirements such as required documents, etc.

Compliance Check
We will commence our compliance check. We have two compliance plans available: Speed Checking Plan,Regular compliance check plan (or free compliance check, free of charge for the plan), which takes about one month to complete. You can first use the Speed Checking plan to get quick approval, and apply for regular checking at the same time so that you are able to switch to the free regular checking plan once the regular compliance check had been completed. You will be able to use the system as early as possible without missing any chance to improve your business.

Compliance Check Completed, Start of Service.
Congratulations! Your compliance check had completed and had passed, meaning that you can start using our system and can start accepting credit card payments. A set of User ID and password will be issued for management purposes, enabling you to have real time sales data. We would like to have a role and will provide help in improving your sales. It would be great honour for us to be your long time supplier in credit payment settlement system.
Info Request / Inquiries