Advantages of Using J Style Credit

No risk to integrate! We will not charge unnecessary cost like other companies do!

J Style Credit only impose payment settling charges, no extra charge is imposed. Normally, as credit payment settlement providers, knowing the fact that providing this service is a specialty, providers will impose unnecessary charges to maximise their profits. One of the examples would be

  • Initial charges and inspection fees are charged separately.
  • There is no settlement charge for usage based billing system, but there will be charge for subscription billing system (Such as monthly payment)
  • There will be monthly usage charge

Like this way, we do not impose any cost directly to member shops. Our only fee to your business will be the payment settling charge from sales. We only take a small portion from your profit as our settlement fee as our return. You may ask “whether the settlement charge itself is high?” But do not worry!

Our payment settling charge is the cheapest! The improvement on your profit margin will be apparent after you have switched to us!

  • Credit Card Payment Service Charge: 3.2%
  • Service Charge for Direct Payment between two companies: 2.5%

It will contribute very positively to your business, please feel free to switch your credit card payment service provider to us completely, or give us a try by simultaneously using your existent provider and our company and compare!

One application will activate services for usage based billing system and for subscription billing system.

Of course, ordinary subscription settling option, which is a regular function available at other providers, is also available at J Style Credit.

  • Monthly membership fee can be charged automatically every month.
  • Installment option for customer who may have difficulties settling their payments in one go.

Subscription Billing Feature – by using this function, adding a source of stable monthly income will definitely contribute to your sales.
Subscription Billing features are

  • Subscription billing after trial period (Amount and frequency adjustable)
  • Endless Payments (Able to terminate contract at management interface)
  • Specified frequency or specified amount Billing – (Able to change frequency and amount of installment payments)

The above options are all possible.

Cash out your payments quickly! This service can help improve your cash flow!

J Style Credit can transfer your credit card payment to you twice a month. It is, of course, possible to request for consolidation of all payments and transfer once a month. If your business size and sales meet our requirements, we can also facilitate transfers once a week.
We wish, by having this flexible arrangement, that we are able to improve your business’ cash flow by providing the best lead time to transfer your credit card settlements to your company.

It is possible to find a use case scenario that suits your company’s needs.

At J Style Credit, our integrated system suits well with various usage scenarios. For example:

  • General retail store payment settlement
  • Payment settlement for eateries etc.
  • Payment settlement solution for businesses such as beauty salon and massage parlor, where the compliance check can be tough.
  • Payment settlement solution for businesses related to night life.
  • Payment settlement solution for internet shops
  • Payment settlement solution for digital contents providers
  • Payment settlement solution at events
  • Payment settlement solution at concerts, events, seminars etc
  • B2B settlement solution

… and more. There are a wealth of payment solutions line-ups available.

Even when you’ve been rejected by other solutions provider, our acceptance standards are more relaxed.

If you have been rejected, or could not introduce credit payment settlement solution because you have been offered a solution that is not up to your standard by other providers, please do contact us for consultation!
Our compliance check is different from that of other credit payment settlement providers, it is very possible that J Style Credit can help your company with your needs!